Attached vs Detached Garages

The basic thing we have to understand when we are going to build garage is to choose between attached and detached garage. It has been common problem and people seem to be confused to choose because they do think that both types are good.

However, when we are trying to compare two types garage then we should know the pros and cons between them. They do have advantage and disadvantage. It depends on what you need because you must know the priority and space availability in your house.

It sounds so daunting to choose one of them but actually, it is easy when you can see it from the space you have. If you have more space and you want more separation, then you might need to have detached so you will not be confused in parking your car and put the outdoor stuff. When you want to make it close to your house, then attached garage is the best option.

However, just don’t be confused and take a look in our review about pros and cons between two types of garage. Once you understand the difference, the pros, and the cons, it will be easy for you to decide which garage that suits your house well.

attached vs detached garages




It is affordable because you don’t need to build another “house” for the garage, you just need to extend the space after your house and you get the attached garage door. Moreover, you could also make it as your front space so you must design with high technology protection.

Raise value

Attached garage could raise the value of your house as it is proof that you have more space and you’ve handled everything including the legal permission to have attached garage doors. When you sell your property, garage could add the value of your house.


It is also accessible because it is near to your house.


Security risk

If you don’t put concern on attached garage door as the front part of your house, it could have high-security risk.

Need more permission

You need to deal with legal thing when you want to have attached garage because there is special regulation in controlling garage.



Flexible in size

It is out from your house, so it is so flexible in size. You don’t have to think about space when you already have excessive space in yard. You could build garage in any size when you decide to have detached garage.

Easy to expand

You also can expand easily without considering the main part of your house. Just build and expand if you want to.

More rooms

If you decide to have double function in your detached garage, then you may need to have living space and also garage itself, so you have more rooms by having detached garage.



Need more space

If you don’t have yard, it will be hard to build detached garage.

Less accessible

You need to take a walk before you drive your car because you have to take the car first from your detached garage.