How to Clean Your Garage?

In cleaning garage, you will need time as you have to organize and clean at the same time. You must want to make it look spacious and clean. The problem is that you must not want to be tired as you don’t want to take it too long.

Cleaning and organize sounds easy but it is actually not easy because there is special requirement in cleaning and you need to design the space when you want to organize your garage well. The most common mistake when people maintain garage doors is in cleaning the garage door itself.

It indeed takes the steps in cleaning garage because you have to maintain and make it keep durable. In cleaning garage doors, you have to see the materials of the door and then follow the guide of cleaning. Every material has its own cleaning guide including the cleaner ingredients and the equipment in cleaning it.

Another part you have to take care of is the wall and also the floor. It depends on the material too. You have to make sure that you follow the guide so there will be no mistake or problem regarding the broken door or walls after cleaning and maintenance.

After cleaning all of parts in garage, then you may need to organize for the storage and stuff. Just take time to read before you do clean and organize your garage.

clean garage


Using oil slicks to clean floor

The first thing you have to do when you are going to clean the floor is by preparing all of the material used in cleaning it. Floor is the basic thing in garage so you have to be careful in cleaning the floor. Use oil slicks to clean the floor because it could wipe away the dirt without harming the floor.

Scrub the stains

After swiping with oil slicks, then scrub the stains so there will be no longer stain on your floor and it will make it more beautiful.


Brush the dirt

The first step in cleaning door is to brush the dirt. You have to make sure that you use soft brush to clean the dirt. Don’t use random brush if you want to have good looking garage door.

Wash with warm water

After you brush the door, you need to wash in warm water to make it more safety in term of looking of garage door.

Tighten the loose part

You may need to tighten the loose part so you will not find further problem on your garage doors. However, some people still miss it because they think that garage door could stay forever.

clean garage door


When you want to clean your walls in your garage, you have to vacuum and just broom the dirt. It is the simplest thing to do in cleaning garage because walls are not too dirty.


The main point in organizing garage is by separating stuff you have in garage into four categories, they are kept, donate, trash and sell. Choose which stuff you will sell and donate and choose which stuff you will throw to trash.