Types of Garage Doors

When you want to buy garage doors, there are many considerations you have to look like the type of garage doors, the quality and more. The most important thing when you want to buy garage doors is to know the type of it. There are many types of garage doors seen by how they roll and what material they are made.

You have to know the difference because you have to make sure that you are not wrong in choosing it based on what you need. Garage doors have to be the most crucial door in your house because it is the protection of your house when you put it for front door. However, it is all about the choice when you are going to choose between the glass or the wooden door and more.

Many people are wrong in choosing the best they need because it must be confusing in choosing many kinds of garage doors. You have to learn the different materials and the styles. You have to know the pros and cons of each material.

When you got the budget, it is time for you to choose and make considerations on how you would choose best garage doors for your house. Here are types of garage doors you need to know.

types of garage doors


Wood: The first common material is wood. It could be less saving energy because the most common cons in wood is its heat loss. However, if you consider casual and country look wooden garage doors will be so good on look.

Wood composite: Another material is wood composite and it could be like board. It seems weak but it is actually not. The style and the look are still authentic.

Aluminum: Aluminum could be good option when you want to have light and yet affordable garage door, but it could be so hot when you don’t install insulation inside the garage.

Glass: If you want to have look on your garage doors, glass could be the best option too as it could expose the interior beauty of your garage. It could be a problem in summer as it could absorb the heat.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is the best option when you want to get eco-friendly garage doors and still have the look like glass.

Steel: The last material you could use is steel. The best and strongest material you could use but it might take huge budget to install it. Steel also has the longest durability than other materials of garage doors because it wins on everything including the strength and also the easy maintenance.

How it is rolled

Sectional: Sectional means that your garage door has sections

Roll Up: As the name rolls up, so the garage doors you choose could be rolled up, but it might be hard to roll down again when you want to close your garage door.

Slide to side: It is parallel to the wall. It is rare to see this kind of garage doors as it takes too much space so it might be left soon.